How to handle a NSA arrangement like a pro

The song entitled, “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton-John is about sex dating.

Is it truly possible to have a NSA arrangement? Yes, it is. You can conduct the arrangement in such a manner that there will be no drama and hardly any issues. Here are the things that you can do to make the arrangement work as perfectly as possible:


Emotional control. It takes emotional control to be an expert in NSA. For men, it is easier to do so because, by default, they are attracted to a person because of their physical need to mate. The attraction for sex dating may just be physical. For women, the tug of the heartstrings might turn them on. Women may also learn how to put aside their feelings and enjoy sexual encounters.

Don’t choose a friend. When you have a pal, there is already an emotional connection. When you have sex with a friend, these benefits might make matters get out of hand. The friendly feelings can become that of love from your partner, and that’ll mess up the once smooth relationship.

Light talk. We tend to talk about our family, our problems, and other matters that concern us to someone that has a willing ear to listen. As tempting as it might be to pour things out to your sex date – don’t. Keep the conversation light, such as talking about the weather and current events. You can opt to have bedroom talk instead of personal discussions. It is also a good idea not to ask personal questions and to be evasive with your answers when asked.

Don’t date your NSA. Keep it simple and indulge in casual sex. Feelings develop when you spend quality time with each other. Forget about planning to watch a movie together or to hang out in the carnival. Those kinds of dates can make the passion spark, but it might not be that of desire but of love. Of course, you have to eat, but make sure that you do so in a restaurant that is not romantic.

Safe sex. There is no need to pound that into someone’s head. Safe sex practices should be applied automatically, especially since you don’t know the sexual history of the person. Be prepared by bringing condoms before meeting up with your sex date. It is better to be safe than sorry. If your potential partner refuses to have safe sex, walk out of that situation, as there is the risk of contracting an STD.

Opening new doors to expand our world is one of the ways to escape our limitations. We can expand our marketability by being out there with our online presence. If we cannot be found at online dating sites, we will miss out on the nearly endless opportunities for finding potential partners for no string attached (NSA) sexual encounters.

If you want to get physical with someone, there is a general rule that can be applied. Just keep it light and simple. Get downright dirty and make the most of the opportunity. If you are looking for someone for a NSA arrangement, you can find potential partners by using apps for sex dates.